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Will It Be Forever?

The day I met him for the first

I felt like I had known him forever

I confided in him with all the worst

With things I wouldn’t have told to anyone ever

He kept listening to all my life stories

As if captivating all my worries away

Like an angel with a face full of glories

He made me see the colours out of the grey

He took out the best of my abilities

He made my thoughts capable to be penned

It was the rarest of the possibilities

That he would ever become more than my friend

Building that bond beyond is fortunate

A feeling that is so special and unique

Friendship and love in the same crate

Something that they all naively seek

I had been the Monica always

He happily became my Chandler

His playful actions lit up my days

And I turn to be his handler

Spending the fun moments together

I got to know the real him

A reposeful rain to a stormy weather

A peaceful shore by the noisy brim

I now know him in a way

No other would have ever known

At times I wonder in dismay

What would I do if he is gone?

I cherish all our moments spent together

He always wants to see me smile

But will it be this way forever?

I think I’ll have to wait awhile

Only fate could unravel the conundrum

What lies ahead in our lives

Together, the best of us we become

Desolation leaves as soon as he arrives

Meeting him has made me shine

I love him to the moon and back

I’ll hug him tight and make him fine

In whichever way he’ll ever lack!

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