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Sakshi Writes

The Inked Pages

She is a teacher by profession and a writer by passion.

Sakshi's writing blog serves as a vessel to project her own life experiences, and clue in her loyal readers as to what inspired her to write. So just read and perceive.

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I Failed Again...

Again, my favourite part of the day – the melancholy evening. Again, I did something that shouldn’t be very proud of. Again, I couldn’t...

The Rain of Reality...

It has been a very beautiful weather today. It’s my favourite time of the day, the evening. There’s a constant drizzle since the morning....

Whole Without Him...

It’s been a while when I realised my wholeness without him. I wont blame anybody but me to be a part of a bond which was mere a lifeless...

Unloving the Loved...

It's a melancholic evening. My mind is engrossed with a lot of turmoil. Currently, I am just sitting purposelessly looking out of the...

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