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The Rain of Reality...

It has been a very beautiful weather today. It’s my favourite time of the day, the evening. There’s a constant drizzle since the morning. Being a pluviophile, it’s my favourite pastime to sit by the window and see the rain. I love the moment the first raindrop falls on the burning soil in a hot summer afternoon and the soil embrace and merge it within. They unite to be one. The fragrance of their communion fills up the valley. I wonder if this is the kind of love people crave for. And did I have that love as well? Or was it just an illusion?

Right from the very moment we are born to the moment we die; we need someone to be with us. We live in a delusional perception of being in a fairy tale story. It’s hilarious how we cloak our thoughts around unreal things and fit them into our version of reality. I looked out and inhaled the scented air to fill my lungs with the petrichor. I closed my eyes as I listened to the rhythmic dripping of the mizzle. It created an incessant chaos within me. There was a time, when I used to relish this rain with him. I put my hand out as the tiny droplets hit my warm palm. It felt cold. I love the rainy days and the chilly breeze that comes with them. Of all the things in the world, nothing is more beautiful than this moment.

I still remember the first time we got drenched in the rain together. It made me glad for the moment being but it was my delusional perception. It was my unreal fairy tale. It was a fallacious dream I was living like the many others out there who claim to be in love. But now, with every dripping drop, I find myself getting closer to my reality. There was a time when this rain brought all those long-lost memories with it. But now, it brings me back to my true self. It washes away all those bitter reminiscences for which I was making countless efforts to forget. It dissolves all the pain and gloom in the earth and blossoms the buds of gaiety.

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